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Planning a Great RV Fishing Trip

Posted by on Aug 5, 2017

Fishing in in the wilderness can be very exciting! It is quiet and you can feel a special connection with nature when you are casting your line into tranquil waters surrounded by the great outdoors. It is nice when you do not need to worry about others’ making noise and disturbing your alone time, or your bonding time with friends and family. Using an RV can be a really convenient way to travel, but it comes with its challenges too. Read on to find out how to decrease your RV trip stress, and make it the best one yet!

Plan Your Route

You may just want to stay at one campground, but the convenience of an RV means that it is easy to drive to multiple campgrounds, and get new fishing experiences wherever you travel to! If you are making multiple stops, you will want to check beforehand about which route is the fastest, how long it takes to get to each stop, and other important details. Knowing these things beforehand can help to reduce stress. Isolated areas do not always have reception or wifi, so printing out your directions will save you from any worries if you do not have a GPS available to you.

Comfort on Your Ride

If you are planning on doing a lot of driving in your RV there are some essential comforts that you will want to invest in. Making sure your ride is pleasant will give you peace of mind on your travels. Using a dehumidifier helps with this. Moisture can build up in the enclosed area of the RV from taking showers, cooking, and people who may be perspiring in the RV, especially in the summer! Using a dehumidifier helps to remove this extra moisture. Having a living space that is the right humidity level is especially important for those who have allergies, because mould and mildew spread easily in damp environments. Finding a reputable RV dehumidifier is incredibly important. Make sure to read reviews and choose one that is trusted and works well.


The Campsite

Some campgrounds do not allow for RV parking, so it is important to choose one where you know you will be able to park, that is close to good fishing spots. You may want to look at pictures, or phone the campsite to see where and when the fishing is best. If having particular amenities is important to you, you also may want to check to see that they exist at the site you choose. Remember to book ahead, so that you will not be disappointed if the campground has filled up, or you do not get the perfect campsite that you wanted.



Ensuring that you plan out your route and any stops along the way, as well as making sure that you are comfortable during your drive is very important for a stress-free vacation. As is having all the right tools and equipment for fishing or camping. Now you can ride off on your RV trip and feel comfortable while doing so!