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How to Stay Awake While Fishing

Posted by on May 4, 2017

Fishing is a very peaceful and relaxing pastime. Often, people enjoy spending a quiet period of time alone with just the fish and their own thoughts for company. Some people eat the fish that they catch, and others let them go after they have been caught. While fishing can be very relaxing, it can also be difficult to stay awake. This is especially the case if you are rising very early in the morning, or staying up very late to go fishing. Here are a few reliable methods of staying awake to enjoy your fishing trip.

Stay Warm

Thermal Clothing

If you are one of those adventurous people who enjoy ice fishing, you have probably experienced the negative side effects of cold weather. If you are in a cold area, your body temperature will start to drop to match the environment. This drop in temperature corresponds with tiredness settling in. You may not even realize that these changes are happening, until you have slowly nodded off to sleep, allowing your fish to get away. You can prevent this from happening by layering up before you go ice fishing. Thermal clothing is a good option for staying warm. As well, be sure to pack hot drinks in a thermos to take along with you. By keeping your body temperature up, you will be less likely to fall asleep while you are fishing.

Get a Good Rest the Night Before

People all around the world have trouble falling asleep at night. The reasons for this will vary depending on the person, but most people do not manage to solve the problem. One method of beating insomnia is by investing in a mattress topper for your bed. Mattress toppers allow the sleeper to get a good rest, by alleviating any joint pain that they have. The extra layer of bedding cushions the person’s body, and allows them to shift comfortably into their favorite sleeping position. There are many different types of mattress toppers available for you to choose from, several of which have been reviewed here. Adding a topper to your bed may not solve all your problems, but you will certainly feel more inclined to fish if you have had a good night’s sleep.

Play Music

Music can have different effects depending on the person. For some people, it puts them to sleep. However for others, it keeps them wide awake. If you are a part of the latter group, you might want to consider playing music while you fish. Having something else to listen to while you wait for a bite might reduce the chance of getting bored and falling asleep. Earbuds or headphones might be a good option for you to use, because then the music will not frighten the fish. Having songs playing softly in your ear might be the stimulation you need to stay awake and pay attention to your surroundings. The music can even add to your sense of relaxation and tranquility.