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Packing Your Fishing Gear On Your Motorcycle

Posted by on May 12, 2017

So you want to take your motorcycle on your next fishing expedition but aren’t sure how. Not to worry, there’s always a way around things like this. Whether you create something yourself or your just know how to pack a bike like you’re playing tetris, it can be done, believe me. I’ve packed for camping expeditions many times in my life on the bike and I’ve managed to get a fishing pole on there too.

Packing Your Bike The Right Way

Motorcycle Packing

Okay, so do you want to know my method of packing the motorcycle for an overnight expedition on the water? My bike has the sitty bar attached to the back, which is perfect for tetris-ing your equipment. I like to start by putting my air mattress on the bottom and stacking the rest of my stuff on top of it. If you’re really roughing it and don’t have a mattress, I suggest placing your duffle bag on the bottom and the rest of your stuff on the top and securing it all with bungee cords or a special net.

What About The Rod?

Portable Fishing Rod


Sure, packing all your gear may be easy, but what about your fishing rod? Where does that go? Choosing a method of carrying your rod may be just about as difficult as choosing a helmet after reading a ton of reviews at Motorcycle Maniac. Honestly, all I do is take the rod apart and fold it up nicely and securely place it on top of all of my other luggage.

If you can, I suggest investing in the smallest foldable fishing rod you can find at your local fishing store. You can get a telescope style or a multi-piece that pulls apart like I have. The multi-piece ones have the best action, but the telescope ones have a better chance of breaking when in use. So take that into consideration when trying to decide which rod you need for your bike and your trip.

What Else Is Needed?

Tackle Box

Sure, packing your rod on your bike may seem like an easy thing to do, but what about all of your other gear like your tackle box? If you have saddlebags on the side of your bike, that would be a good place to stick your small to medium tackle box. You can also strap it to the back of your bike if you have the sissy bar. If not, you’ll have to make all of your gear fit into a travel bag that you can carry on your back or try to fit it all in saddle bags. Also, don’t forget your permits!


Just because your main mode of transportation may be a motorcycle, doesn’t mean that your expeditions have to be cut out. There’s always a way to make it work whether you fit your gear on the back of the bike, invest in a pull-along trailer for it, or just take the bare essentials and stuff it into saddlebags or a backpack. If you have issues carrying your rod with you, check your local fishing store for some kind of holster for it.