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Can I Put a Gun Safe in a Garage?

Posted by on Feb 15, 2017

As a gun owner, you know the many reasons why we still have the right to bear arms. With so many bad guys out there, a negative connotation of guns has certainly arisen. However, when in the right, responsible hands, guns can prove to be the best protection anyone can have to keep themselves and their families safe.

Approximately every 18 seconds, a burglary occurs in the United States alone, and the perpetrators are often armed. It’s important that you have an action plan should you ever become a victim. At the same time, however, you want to make sure your firearms don’t fall into the wrong hands. A gun safe provides the level of protection you need, and this can prove especially beneficial if you have young children in the home. However, placement is everything, and there are some pros and cons to consider before placing your gun safe in the garage.

High Convenience Factor

The garage offers an area to keep the things you don’t often use. It’s likely you only get your gun out to go hunting or target shooting on the weekends. Therefore, you likely prefer to keep them out of the way in the meantime. Furthermore, gun safes sometimes don’t fit in with the decor of certain rooms of your home the way a gun cabinet does. For these reasons, you may wish to consider placement in the garage.

Consider Ease of Access

Ease Of Access

It’s likely that you hope you never have to use your gun. However, robberies and other dangerous situations can and do arise. You’d be surprised at the number of armed homeowners who fall victim to these circumstances because they opted for convenience over easy access of their firearms.

Consider what would occur if you were in bed and heard an intruder. Is your garage far away? Would you be able to get to it without making yourself known? These are important factors that must be taken into consideration. It’s entirely possible that garage placement may defeat the purpose of gun ownership.

Risk of Theft

Theft Prevention

Especially if you have a detached garage, another very important factor to consider is the possibility that your gun could be stolen. The investment in a quality gun can easily cost hundreds of dollars. When you also factor in the fact that many people who want a gun aren’t allowed to purchase one due to criminal history, you could be setting yourself up for failure if you store your gun where it could more easily become accessed.

It’s important to buy a quality safe if you do plan to store your gun safe in your garage. Not only does this decrease the chances of your weapons becoming stolen, but it also minimizes the risk that a potential burglar will be able to use your own firearms against you. On the plus side, while the risk of theft is heightened, garage gun safe placement is ideal when it comes to factors such as:

  • Humidity
  • Flood damage
  • Fire damage

Considering Your Unique Circumstances

It’s clear to see that there is no one size fits all rule to gun safe placement. While you can easily find the right product to meet your needs using gun safe reviews at Guns and Security, just what you do with it when it arrives is a whole other story. Your garage is likely an area of the home perfect for storage as there is often extra space available.
Whether you just purchased a gun safe or have long used yours to keep your family protected, it’s important to ensure it’s properly placed. While the actual need to use your gun for self defense doesn’t often arise, should it ever happen to you, you could put yourself in a dangerous situation based on the placement of your gun safe. By considering these pointers, you can make a more educated decision to stay safe.