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Fishing Trips: Pack Smart & Pack Safe

Posted by on Nov 18, 2016

fishing-tripYou have just spent weeks or months planning out your dream fishing trip. Finally, a chance to use your new lures, try out the cast techniques you’ve been reading about and reel in a catch to brag and post about! But how you pack and what you pack can also have its own not insignificant impact on the success of your trip.

In this post, learn how to pack smart and pack safe for your next big fishing expedition.

Tip 1: Neglecting the small things can add up to big problems.

small-thingsMaybe you are planning to camp out under the open sky or bunk in at a rustic lodge with minimal amenities. This might lead you to believe you can get away without attending to good oral care for a week or two.

Unfortunately, if there was ever a moment when your mouth might be tempted to kick out a cavity or worse, this would be the time. So do leave room in your pack for your toothbrush, a water flosser for your pearly whytes and your mouthwash. Your teeth will thank you.

Tip 2: Safety is always number one….even over catching the “big fish.”

first-aid-kitSo much can happen while you are on vacation in the wilderness. You could turn your ankle on a rock or hook your own finger instead of the bait. To be sure these common oopses don’t ruin your adventure, you should absolutely pack with safety topmost in mind.

As such, a good basic first aid kit that contains gauze, bandages, antiseptic wipes, medical tape, pain relief pills, allergy remedies and a good all-purpose antibiotic cream should be the first thing you put into your pack.

Tip 3: Dress for success and the fish are more likely to come.

backpacks-1260831_640In other words, it is hard to focus on netting the big one when you are shivering or sweating your way through the day or night. Similarly, why risk spending your time swatting mosquitoes when you could be reeling in dinner?

What you wear can be critical to your enjoyment, health and fishing success. Learn as much as you can about the climate where you will be fishing. Follow the weather and learn how/if temperatures vary from night to day so you can layer accordingly. Be sure to bring waterproof gear and footwear. Sunscreen, a hat, a bandana, bug spray, gloves and wool or synthetic-based underwear, outerwear and socks will dry more quickly and keep you more comfortable for the duration of your trip, even if the weather decides to surprise you.

Tip 4: Find out if any amenities are available locally.

Unless you are camping, chances are good your lodging will offer at least minimal amenities that can help you cut down on what you have to bring with you. It can work in your favor to find out if you can buy snacks locally, do your laundry on site, store valuables in a hotel safe or leave all but your daypack behind in your room.

This way, you can minimize what you have to carry with you at all times, which can alleviate back and neck pain and help you save your strength and energy for fishing.

Tip 5: Always leave your itinerary with someone before you set out.

Finally, you never want to depart for a fishing trip without letting your loved ones know where you plan to be at all times. While experiencing a horrific accident or near-death experience out in the wilderness can make for a great biography (or movie) later on, it sure will ruin your fishing trip in short order. This is particularly relevant if you are traveling out to your fishing site on your own.

Let the park rangers or hotel staff know when you leave and when to expect you back. If cell service permits, check in with a loved one back home as well, and let them know when to alert local law enforcement (and who to call) if you are not back by a certain date and time. It may seem impossible to imagine now that these precautions might ever be necessary, but you sure will be glad you took them if the need arises!

By packing smart and safe for your next fishing expedition, you can set yourself up for the most success and the least worry when you are out there doing your thing and reeling in catch after catch.